About Pithecanthropus

Started off as a small shop in Kuta Mall Legian (now Legian Paradiso Hotel) with a concept ‘Rediscover Indonesian Culture’, Pithecanthropus sourced for Indonesian culture as the main source of inspiration. With this foundation, Pithecanthropus establishes a design character of its own and distinguishes itself from other brands.

It is our mission to inspire culture loving people around the world to embrace and discover Indonesian culture. Therefore, we choose Bali with its warm and friendly atmosphere to be our home and local artisans to be our team.

Our main product is modern ethnic clothing under the brand of Pithecanthropus and Pithe Kids. We also produce accessories which are made of various stones, handmade glass beads, ceramics, wood, and silver. Other products such as handbags, shoes, stationaries (postcards with the traditional motif, batik wrapping paper) and Indonesian genuine handicrafts, i.e.: wooden batik, wood carving and wayang (Indonesian puppet).

In addition, we exhibit gallery materials that receive attention from antique collectors, painters, and also international curators. The collections which can be found in the gallery are old batik cloths, old ikat cloths, and other Indonesian antiques.

Welcome to our little house filled with Indonesian culture, we hope you’d stay with us for long by signing up.