Rest to Reset

EDITORIAL Rest to Reset As unbelievable as it seems, we are about to begin another year. Before we even start to plan anything, maybe the plan is to do nothing and to plan nothing…

Surat Dari Kami

Surat Dari Kami It’s been over 6 months since we mostly spend our time at home and travel small to do grocery.  We’ve had several breakdowns, boredom, and we’ve found some ways to cope with them.…

The Changing Colours of The Moon

A jewel collection that translates warmth and courage, Orange Moon is the bold feeling revolving in many faces of women. But thus, the love has never changed.With beads ranging from ceramic, silver, antique, and fine beads, the collection intends to become a reflection of you.

Tenun NTT at Home

Savana hills, horses, and moss forest - the beauty of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) or East Nusa Tenggara lays in the both lowland and highland of the archipelago. This creates distinctive characters of Tenun from one island to another.

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