6 Ways to Wear Selendang Scarf as Top


Selendang scarf is undergoing an utmost renaissance. Since our grandmas and mamas, Selendang has been shaking off its reputation as the elegantly respectable accessory of choice for women – always wrapped around the neck or thrown over the shoulder and fastened with a brooch.

And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing yours in the elegant traditional manner, the beauty of a selendang scarf is in its brilliant versatility. In fact, there’s a different way to wear yours for every occasion; casual or formal! Here, we style our Selendang as a top, all with the size 195cm (length) x 51cm (width).

Tunic Top

What if you could wear a chic resort look in a city? You can. With two Selendang, this look is possible. Wear a piece of selendang over your neck and pin-tuck it on the side. Do the same thing with the second selendang, this time over the first selendang. Wear this over culotte or flowy maxi skirt with sandals!

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Cross Wrap Halter Top

What screams island life better than a cross wrap halter top? Nothing!

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Get the selendang you get from your previous trip to the beach, put it on like a scarf, then cross it around your body. Anything else? Nope! Now go get yourself a Margarita!


One-Shoulder Top #1

All hands on deck for this top! That’s the warning. Though you might need help to tuck the pin for this look, this One-Shoulder Top simply swoons you over! The combination of one-shoulder detail and the wrap kemben-style makes this a head turner. Wear it with a pair of structured pants or jeans and maybe sneakers or boots for a bold mood.

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One-Shoulder Top #2

That one-shoulder top that sets you free! In less than two-minutes with a knot and a duck-tape, you’re off to dance at a party or simply in your own room. Pair with a wrap skirt or structured pants, a handbag, and a glass of Es Sirup, show your moves under the moonlight.

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Hot Girl Summer Halter Top

One phrase that defines this look is Hot Girl Summer! Create a summer island look with one Selendang that wraps around your neck then over your chest. Showing your beautiful collar bone, shoulder, and basically, you! This top is the serve!

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One-Shoulder Top #3


Dare to say this is the easiest and most fun look for a Selendang top. This look needs no pin or tape. Simply wrap, tie, and throw. Style with denim pants and sandals, off you go!

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