JAVA BLEU IS HERE — Borne out of duality and its junction, Java Bleu is a deconstruction of classic batik motif that wander to create something else: Bold, Vibrant, Elegant.

Celebrating the upcoming Raya week, we’re
sharing our curated sets of hampers for you; to
give, to share, or to keep for yourself, why not?

Embrace the sun in our pieces that you don’t
wanna take off from day to night – Wide pants that lets you roam, mini-dress that sways, or sarong that pairs well with just anything in your wardrobe.

“To the birds flying to the north at dusk, to riding brompit by the rice paddies, to feeling the breeze in harvest season, and to be reunited with you.”

Lingkaran Surasavati is a community for women to hold a safe-space, to support each other without jealousy and envy, and to have each other’s back.

There’s a confusion on what makes an item antique or vintage. Is that the style? Is that the age? How old does it have to be for an item to be labelled as vintage?

Appreciating age is a part of learning history. Learning history is a way to rediscover and honor culture.

In the 17th century, printmaking reached its peak in Europe. However, only in the Netherlands were prints sought for its luxurious value.

From creative team to production team, women are in the front of our company. We are trying our best to design clothes and systems in our company with many perspectives and representations.


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