3 Fresh Vibes to Wear Aloha Shirt Beyond the Beach

Beach, palm trees, and sand are only a few out of many to describe an Aloha Shirt. The shirt that‘s become the souvenir staple of Hawaiian holidays was created in the 1920s by Ellery J. Chun, the son of a Chinese immigrant. Combining the finest rayon to breeze through the balmy heat of Hawaii, Barong shirt or the workwear of Filipino immigrants, the cutting of Kimono, and the nature of Hawaii for the prints, Chun formulated what is known today as Aloha Shirt. With this genius formula, Aloha Shirt is great to wear in tropical weather, sipping Pina Colada by the beach. But what if you can bring the coastal breeze with you wherever you go? Case in point: Aloha Shirt for any occasion! Find the perfect fit and you can wear your holiday outfit, even on 9-5 days.

Semilir di Kota

Whether you’re returning to the office full time, continuing to work from home or have decided to embrace a more flexible approach, the pandemic is guaranteed to have a lasting impact on your nine-to-five look. At one time, an Aloha Shirt might not have crossed your mind as it would have been considered too casual to be appropriate for work. Now, though, styled correctly, Aloha Shirt is your go-to option for work and after-work drinks. Paired with a loose cut blazer and fine cut trousers, this wardrobe conveys the perfect balance between relaxing and hustling. For a TGIF outfit, simply wear your Aloha Shirt as an outer or tuck it out for a relaxed look.

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When was the last time you packed your suitcase? In this sense of new beginning, you might feel like going for a far-flung adventure. Wherever your destination, packing smart is essential. A loose Aloha Shirt not only makes for an effortless beach cover-up, it can also be styled with virtually everything else you’ve packed – from shorts, loose-cut trousers, to a denim-skirt – promising maximum style mileage.

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Whether you’re planning to spend the weekend doing some coffee shop-hopping, staying at home, or catching up with your mates, an Aloha shirt is all the way. Keep it simple with some denim pants, a dress, or a relaxed skirt – cue high rise, loose cut, and straight-leg styles, that allow extra room for you to move in ease and are universally flattering. Finish your outfit with a jeans jacket and footwear of your choice.