We're approaching midyear soon without we realizing it. Do you have any reflection? Maybe it's not too late to reconsider our values and what home means for this year. With Angela Valerie and her family at home, we talked about home and the “let go” moment in it. As a creative director, Angela Valerie (or Angie) has the drive for perfection, including when it comes to home styling. But often, the question we want to ask is “do we want to be perfect or happy?”. She wants the last one; and she’s happy whenever she’s at home.

What does balance mean to you for now? 

Balance is not something that we achieve, instead, it’s a state-of-mind. Life moves, so it’s about something that we could do. For me, balance is about dividing my time and thoughts to things that I really enjoy. Because when I truly enjoy something, I can see where my life is at, I can be more present and grateful. Sometimes, though, what hinders me is my own expectations. There are times when I approach something through the perfection glasses and that is where I learn to let go and let things fall at their own places. Sometimes the way to move forward is to let go. There’s a quote I like that says, “Life is a balancing act”.

Any tips to style a home that feels everlasting?

For me, a home will never feel like it has any end to be styled. Because a home, to me, will always grow following the person(s). Since my family loves exploration, we style and decorate the home where we live quite frequently. It follows our needs so styling a home should start from knowing what you need. So find out what you really enjoy and make your home a place that can support your needs to fulfill your goals. It doesn’t matter that the style will change over time - the style of our home should align with our lifestyle.

What’s the trick for new home-owners to mix antique and modern pieces?

What we should carefully choose is the selected antique piece. First and for me, an antique piece is simply an accent, so it has to be meaningful. For someone that has roots in Batak, I have Ulos, Batak ornaments, and statues in my home. Second, it has to be something visually pleasing. Because when you already like how it looks, that antique piece would be just fine being put anywhere in the home.

What drives you to explore,
get out there, and do something?

What drives you to explore, get out there, and do something? I’m naturally a curious person that always wants to learn something new. But since I’ve become a mother, I’ve seen how children really look up to their parents. I realize that how I do with this life affects them and they probably will copy that, although, of course they have their own personality. So exploration is a family value. What drives me to explore these days is what my children can explore as well. For example, we hiked to Batur together. We did not go up to the peak, but it was something new to them and to me, taking children with me to nature was also something new.Personally, I’m always open when it comes to the work that I do. I’m open to new perspectives when I have to face a challenge, so I can see it from a different and new angle. So in exploration, we, too, need to let go.

What makes you come home?

Home is a safe comfy space. It’s my family that makes a home and they are, also, my home. Home is not just a place for a living, but it’s also the people; my family. So even when I’m not at home, I always carry my home with me.