Everyday Considerations:
New Series of Eco Bag


Consider this scenario is something that’s bound to happen. It's the weekend and you have just received a text; an invitation for a cafe and museum hopping. But you need a bag that’s not too big nor too small to carry your essentials. A bag that’s just enough. Beyond that, a bag that’s designed sustainably.


Our new collection of Eco Bag is crafted from our hand-printed fabric waste from our ready-to-wear collection. It is our extension of repurposed fabric waste that includes accessories, home decor, and daily carry.


This collection of Eco Bag comes in four style. From drawstring rucksack, a carryall totebag, a tall tote bag, and a furoshiki-inspired bag. Each comes with its own function whether you want to run some errands, cafe hopping, or having a quick catch up. The furoshiki is compact, but it is sure enough to carry your essentials. While the tote bags are for multitude purposes; from city to beaches.


Consider these bags in your everyday consideration
to take on step closer to locally sustainable effort.