A botanist and a dancer at heart, Rama moves with the flow of the river in his heart.

He stays true to his nature and dedicates his life for that.

Why did you choose the name Ramadayapati?

It was simply a decision and coincidence at the same time. Ramadayapati is taken from one of the other beings of Hanoman, Ramandaya and Dayapati. Ramandaya, a male with female character and Dayapati, a female with male character. Maybe a coincidence, maybe faith, because my real name is Ramadani Yuda and I’m genderless.

What attracted you to dance?

For me, dancing is a respond to rhythm that I have listened to since I was a child; gending jawa. I grew up in Jakarta, but being javanese is in my blood, and my grandmother was a dancer in Keraton. By dancing, I learn not to simply move parts of my body, but also the philosophy of each movement and my roots. Dancing is how I live my life.

Which character do you enjoy the most?

I love the feminine character of female dance or tari putri, just like Bedoyo Serimpi. It is a manifestation of sovereignty, symbolizing 9 desires and the four directions that you’ll face when wars happen in every part of your life.

This dance is the foundation of every Javanese dance. My favorite, the one I feel the most, is Serimpi Sangupati. It brings back the memory of my past lives.

How important is gender – labelling in dance?

As far as I don’t want to label any gender, human is born with character. The labelling of gender itself in classic dance is common and it’s not just about masculine or feminine. We have Wandu, just like Raksasa Wandu that is usually performed by male dancer.

Especially when it comes to contemporary dance, it can be genderless. But, when it comes to classic dance, labelling is important, because it defines the personification needed for the movement and the character.

What can Indonesia’s dance offer to the world?

From east to west Indonesia, from Sumatra that is heavily influenced by Islam, Java, Borneo, Bali, and Lombok, influenced by Hinduism, and the East Indonesia that offers a more primitive dance style as a symbol of ode to the universe, Indonesia has a lot. A two dimensions move or three, as an ode or a welcoming. We offer diversity.

What is your next plan?

In the near future, I will move to Netherland and raise my child there. Hopefully, it will be around botanical world and I hope,

I will find something and somewhere to deepen my roots in art.

As long as it doesn’t spark a war in me.