9 to 5 Office Apropos


A job is a job, but even so, representing ourselves at our best is tricky.

From how we perceive the work, ourselves, and our co-workers, your outfit at work channels your true self to the work you do.

When your to – do list is consisted of a bunch of stuffs you have to finish before noon, a little bit of meeting after lunch, and tons of patience to stay calm… wear your red lipstick, statement boots, some leather goods, and get your double espresso before you yell at someone..

But, nah… you, won’t yell, you just want to keep your head cool today

When your idea of meeting has to involve a wholesome brunch and nice cup of coffee with some froth, you know you just doing hard work the fun way!

Keeping it classy and structured at work is your strength – You’re combining business casual, and the elegant charm you have with some spark here and there!

The outfit that speaks the energy of fire. Combining funky knitted cropped sweater and batik dress do take some courage, no?

Well, surely this office propos serves only for the brave heart!

Rise and shine!

Are you pitching some new ideas? Presenting the boldest marketing strategy?

A pair of shiny silver pump shoes would help you throughout the day.

Don’t forget to throw some blazer effortlessly on your shoulder!

You know how to warm up the whole room, leading and assessing your co-workers without dominating the situation.

You could be a moody person, but when the mood is right, you’d always invite them for TGIF-dinner!

Don’t forget your double espresso, it will boost you while you’re busy taking care of your work and the people you love!

You can’t wait to travel and you have already plan your days-off ahead! Even during work days, you’d love to do tiny-travel to your favorite coffee shop or a nice restaurant.

You might have Chai Latte today, it’s basically India in a cup.

Say you love leading a team, but it’s not because you want to show your power – instead, you’ll step on the stage because nobody is doing it right.

Let your true power comes out in a classic white shirt in timeless fit and collar; either Cuban-style collar, Italian-style, or the simply elegant Notched-style one. Pair it with classic loafers and you’re ready for the day!

Let your inner quirky mood shines your whole world!

You’re ready for boundless adventure and a job description that fuels your curiosity!

Grab a jacket and a comfortable pants in unique cutting for today’s miscellaneous challenge!

Flowers on your desk? Checked!

Now, what about flowers on your office apropos? This, by far, is the dreamiest look from our work-outfit ideas for you!

So ethereal that it lets you daydream of your personal projects on a long working hours, just right before the progress meeting