Gift Ideas from Pithe Team: Antiques to Everyday-Stylish

The celebrating season is right here! Starting this week, we’ll have Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year cherished all over the world. For those looking for some unique pieces for a gift to your loved ones, our team came with ideas for the one-of-a-kind gift that would not be too mundane. To adore, to wear, and to share.

Febrina Siahaan

Fashion Designer

I always love ethnicity and antique, this one is an embodiment of both. This silver necklace is something I’d like to give to myself. It would be really difficult to reproduce – material wise and skill wise. The carving is very meticulous and the quality of the silver is just over the top! It is a heavy necklace and not for everyone, but I think it is worth the culture carved on it.

Prinka Saraswati


The thought of having random miscellaneous items is so appealing to me. That’s why I chose a net holder. The color combo is amazing, its blue is probably taken from one of the characters in Ramayana wayang. While for a fabric hoarder like me, I picked this one from Palembang What can I say? Batik Palembang is Nasi Campur of cultures in just one spread. You have India, Javanese, Chinese, and even Islam influence here. This one is perfect for the vagabond heart in your life!

Sharon Angelia

Digital Visual Creative

Something bold and humble, this cloth from Madura says it all. The drape from the silk material is an elegant touch to the bold motifs. Another gift is Lithograph Honestly, it’s hard to pick one because all of them are so beautiful and to stack so many of them on the wall would be a nice wall installation. Of all repro litographs, this one is my favorite.

Deby Wijaya

Project Manager

The first thing in my mind! I will totally give this to myself! It’s the blue color that makes it very beautiful. I like the combination of blue and white, so this one is the perfect gift.


Textile Designer

You know what? These two would make a bomb look! Jangly Peranakan Silver Bangle (my favorite material for jewellery is silver!) and a fine piece of Batik Madura. Just look at the painstakingly beautiful motifs filling every corner, and the breathtaking color. It’s a head turner!

Astuti Nur

Head of Store

I guess this year is a humble year to have a celebration. For an efficient and useful gift, I think candles would be best. It smells really good, it’s calming, and the lights would be great for dinner with family.

Irene Christiani

Online Sales Team

I’d say a gift doesn’t always have to be something extravagant. Something practical is very possible. This Scarf I pick could instantly lift a look! The beauty of the look and the shine of the silk is love. I’d totally wear it as a shoulder-scarf, neck scarf, or bag scarf – the possibility is beyond.