Rest to Reset

As unbelievable as it seems, we are about to begin another year. Before we even start to plan anything, maybe the plan is to do nothing and to plan nothing for a moment. After everything that has happened, let’s rest before we start to reset everything again.


Organizing is not fun, but somehow it is more satisfying than cleaning up (at least from our perspective). To look at things from many memories, remembering how we found them, the vintage store or artisan that we’ve met, the people who previously owned them, or simply just admiring the items.

It was only by then that we could move those items and organize them. The old fabrics that we’ve kept for so long could be placed as wall decors, we could also stitch patches of fabrics to make something new, and those ceramic and glassware from your mother could also be put on the dresser.
There’s a sincere feeling when you make something new from what you’ve got already.
It’s a bliss.


Not everything is to be put for the guest. There are things worth keeping and admiring for yourself. Make a room for these precious stuff. Spare yourself for a budget of a nice wardrobe, dresser, or cabinet.
It will keep your precious longer and safe.
By the way, as a bonus, just… such a beautiful storage!


After moving things, taking notes, and moving all over the house, a rest is always good. Not just to rest physically, but also mentally. In this world where being productive is the key to survival, we would say the other way around. The rest is as important as the work. Taking time to break could make space for your head to put up some strategy and to appreciate what you’ve now; friends, family, health, happiness. What’s more to love?