On Hopes and Memories

“Do you know why that is? Why do some memories live only on your tongue or in your nose? Why do others always stay in your heart?”,

— Amy Tan

When the new moon comes close to the beginning of spring, that’s when you can see all the citrus sold in every store and where all the red colors decorate every house. That’s when you know it’s Chinese New Year or as many people call “Lunar New Year”. Chinese New Year marks not only the beginning of spring, but also hope.

This hope begins the new point of life where all “debt” is paid, all mistakes are forgiven, and the past is to be learned; not thrown all the away. However, we can always leave for the better. Leave what does not echo to our heart anymore. As one of our friends said, “We’re cleaning up our house before the New Year. You want your house to be clean, your doors and windows to be opened so you’re ready to receive hope, luck, and visits from your family”.

Catching up with family is the main highlight of it all. Even the sticky dishes like Ronde and Lontong or Ketupat in Cap Go Meh are symbols so that our family sticks close to each other. Maybe you’ll see that aunt that always makes a bunch of nosy questions or that cousin that you only see a few times a year because you’re both all grown up with dreams and responsibilities. This is the time to put all that bag down. Take some time to say your hope together with your family.

Take some time to glance at the past.

Take some time to laugh with your loved ones.

Take some time to appreciate little things.

Take some time to just be.

We’re wishing you a new year full of hope, love, joy, and luck!

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