Slouching Towards Leisure: Redefining Work Outfit

Slouchy replaces structured, loose-fitting replaces tight fitting, and leisure vibe replaces intense nuance.

We used to think that dressing for a job is not too necessary here, at Pithecanthropus. I guess it’s because we are based in Bali where most people are either entrepreneurs or freelancers. But after working from home due to the pandemic, we no longer feel like dressing loungewear for work anymore. However, instead of making it a rigid style for work. We want to keep it relaxed and comfortable for everybody. After all, you want to be at ease to get the job done, don’t you?

Combining comfort while looking office appropriate, let’s check some essential pieces for a return to office!

Flowy Pants

Put your body-hugging or rather tight pants back in your wardrobe, ‘tis the season of flowy and loose fitting pants. Pair with a cropped top and a shirt to wear as an outer, et voila! When you want to look more feminine, you could also pair them with a vintage blouse and a handbag as the last touch!

For men, there is no doubt that you could wear relaxed-fit pants with a shirt and some sneakers.

Playwear / Loungewear as Office Wear

Yes, you can still wear your loungewear to the office! Since relaxed pants are in, wear them with a cropped top alone or pair it with the matching loungewear top as an outer. If there’s any chance that you only have your beach shirt in the wardrobe, there’s no need to worry! Simply throw another shirt as an outer on top of your beach shirt

Put Your Soul in Work Outfit!

Though there’s a line between work and our life, that does not mean that you have to put a mask everytime you go to work. Let your true vibe shine through by wearing the outfit that you love, the colors that you adore. Be it a fun orange jumpsuit, a t-shirt beneath your batik shirt, or a bucket hat. Once you’re comfortable with what you wear, you’ll shoo away bad vibe at the office a little further!

See something that’s not in your wardrobe? Don’t be afraid to put a personal touch in your work outfit. The new work outfit doesn’t sacrifice comfort over professionalism because integrity is not judged based on how you look. Not these days!