The Holiday Table

Holiday celebration is around the corner. Whether you celebrate it with family, friends, or your special ones, there’s somehow this pressure of giving your best to celebrate. The way we see what’s best for holidays is shaped by social media and the economy these days. From how holidays are usually done in a manner that’s very European-centric, due to the Christmas movies and ads we used to watch and sales happening before the end of the year. This could manifest in decorations, presents or gifts, and even how we make connections with people.

Is there any way to make this holiday have a sense of home?

And…what is the best present to give?

In this journal, we’re taking time to reflect on what makes a holiday a homecoming experience. Instead of treating this as a guide, this journal is simply a reflection from our team and you could see this as a recommendation.

On the Table

Swap your mistletoe and winter-themed decoration with banana leaves for the dinner table. Lay it flat on the table as the base before topping it with some coasters and placemats with batik motifs or kain tenun. You could maybe ask your aunt to get those well-stored tea sets and dining ware that your grandma kept. In this shoot, we were inspired by the tradition of Liwetan – where we dine together on the floor, taking the food served on a long row of banana leaves. This togetherness is something that roots us back into who we are.

At the Table

Think of your childhood memory. What’s the scent that evokes your appetite? Maybe it’s the fruits peeled or offered by your mother, as her way to say “Sorry” or “Congratulation”, in the form of grapes and oranges. Maybe it’s the scent of palm leaf steamed in a kukusan, wrapping the delicate sticky rice or Putu Ayu. Maybe it’s your grandma’s best dish; Rendang, Lontong Sayur, Brenebon, or Arsik. Maybe it’s as simple as enjoying familiar food with the people you love. There’s always love in this moment, that makes homecoming worth every distance.

Off the Table

Beyond what’s served on the table, there are other things that we love from moments of celebration with our loved ones – and it’s usually not something that we could see right away. Celebration is not just celebrating the food we long for or the decoration we’ve pinned on our moodboard. It is, as cliche as it could be – a celebration of connection. We’re catching up with our family members and friends. We ask how they’re doing and in return, we share what we’re up to. It’s the annual update that we’ll remember the next time we see them. It’s easy to see this conversation as merely “passing the time”, but instead, we could see this as a moment to be present. After all, the best present is to be present.

Closing off this year, we proudly offer you a sense of giving in our Holiday Dining Set. Tap here to bring your dining experience a homey feeling. 

Happy holidays, Pithes!