Sunting Minang: Buffalo, Home, Women

Worn by brides in wedding ceremonies, Sunting Minang is not just another traditional headdress. It is a symbol of pride and matriarch. A wedding ceremony in the Minangkabau ethnic group is not a symbol of men asking women to join them into the house owned by the men. Instead, women from the Minangkabau ethnic group pick up their men and ask them to join her in the house. These brides would later be called Bundo Kanduang (lady of the house).

To the Minangkabau people, women rule the house and they are the house.

Sunting Gadang worn by the bride.

Buffalos as the symbol of Minangkabau’s courage and resistance.

“Alam Takambang Jadi Guru”

Acres after acres of nature, become our teacher.

Nature’s element in Sunting Minang; Champaca, butterfly, and pigeon.

Kote – Kote

Decoration by the sides of Sunting Minang as a symbol that a Bundo Kanduang has to equally share her wealth with her siblings.

The layout of traditional Minangkabau house where it marks the cycle of women’s reproductive system.

Illustration by Septi Ilham