Tenun NTT at Home

Savana hills, horses, and moss forest – the beauty of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) or East Nusa Tenggara lays in the both lowland and highland of the archipelago. This creates distinctive characters of Tenun from one island to another. Each character comes in different colors, weaving techniques, and texture. This texture is what we bring to our home, paving new knots to a plain-looking wall.

On Walls

Spark some life in every length of your white-washed wall – let the playful knots of NTT Tenun breathe a new life into your home. The colors that each tenun carries might be black (which is usually made from indigo blue) and white, red, deep indigo blue, or a blend of red, blue, and yellow – each taken from native plants of the island.

If the tenun gets more delicate during times, put it on a stack of wood to hold it and let it be bolder than ever before.

On Woods

When it comes to wood, the options are as many as they could be; palettes, slabs, and logs. Not to mention the types of wood – in Indonesia, Jati (teak wood), Sungkai, Ulin (iron wood) and Mahogany are used at home as they are known for the durability, colors, and texture – especially when it comes to Jati and Ulin.

Getting palettes of wood is convenient; you could stack them into floorings, stairs, and even walls. Though wood palettes create their own texture,

you could always play with colors of tenun. Creates the sense of playfulness and folk-y ambience into your woody home.

Bonus: the smell of old tenun fabrics mixed with the aromatic sense of wood is really something else!

When it comes to Tenun, there is no limit that could bind you down. It’s your love of Indonesian culture, your respect for your family and ancestors, and your sense of home that you’ll find in every thread woven into tenun. Each tells a different story and you could bring the story come true in every place you decide to be called home.