Swinging Sparkle

Did you find some gems in your grandma’s wardrobe? Did you discover gleaming old beauty from your latest journey?
We get it. Pairing old-silver jewellery is not easy; the gleam is not as shiny as the newly produced silver, but the story told in its grey-ish
beauty gives a special charm to each who wears it with pride.
Inspired by our friends, we asked them to put our antique jewellery on their everyday look. From sporty, chic, to fun colorful style, our friends and a dear stylist friend, Rhea, dolled themselves in our antique collection. Swing ‘em sparkles!

Silver-speed and Some Sweat

Sweat it on with your favorite relaxed-fit pants (or even sweatpants) and cotton t-shirt! Create a whole new look with not just one,
but a stacks of arm bangles and one statement-making silver earring.

Complete the look by pinning your hair down for an everyday sporty look

Mid-week Coffee Date
Dressing down is not a bad thing when it comes to 9 to 5 – wear. While midweek could sound unbearable, you could swim through it by hanging out with friends after work or you might want to just impress your client. Grab your double-breasted jacket and the effortless long silver necklace, then wrap it around your neck.
At last, complement your beautiful eyes with a dangle of earrings.

Seronce Melati

White on white is not just simple or relaxed elegance. Put some more power on your relaxed look with a bunch of earrings on both sides of your ear; whether it’s pierced, clipped, or hooked! Here, our fashion designer, Sasri is making a statement in our antique pieces from Rote and Timor as seen from her earrings, Minang necklace, and Timor’s antique silver bangles!

80s Atik CB

Channel your inner Atik CB meets Nancy Wilson in your mom jeans, black t-shirt, and effortlessly blow-dried hair!
Pair the look with a stack of deep-grey silver necklace and of course, a pair of hoop earrings.

As timeless as it looks, hoop earrings are not just a timeless trend. The hoops that resemble a circle is infinite and powerful like the sun, the moon, and the earth;
The circle is the ultimate symbol of life having no beginning nor ending. Hoop earrings are symbols of power with purpose and meaning.
Now you know why Angela Davis wore her hoops while presenting her speech!

The Balancing Glow

Silk slip does not have to be delicate. Wrap yourself in the gleaming beauty of Sumba, Kanatar – the symbol of yang energy, Lingga.
Just one touch to balance your yin and yang energy while turning everybody’s head.

Shades of Bravery
Sport a bold brave look in shades of grey and silver for your lucky day! A semi-shirt top with cargo pants although you know you ain’t gonna hike some mountains.
Finish the look with any antique silver jewellery of your choice; arm bangles and earrings from Timor and soften the look with Peranakan Pending (belt).

Studs in Flames
Leather is always something to grab attention easily. But, why not add some touch to make it like “you’re not just putting the jacket on”?
A big chunky silver necklace is a perfect company to your well – kept leather jacket. Especially in this gloomy cool weather, grabbing a cup of coffee or a bottle
of warm robust beer sounds good in this look! Ooops, don’t forget your red lipstick cause you’re flaming, girl!

Modern Nona
Forget the plain beige-y nude persona! Outfit in nude color is indeed a blank canvas where you could put any color you like, or in this case, any gleamings you love!
Straight from your grandmother’s drawer, wear her Peranakan silver belt that she used to wear to complement her Kebaya.
Now, it’s your turn to wear it. No doubt, you’ll walk on the wild side with that silver gleam. Oh, you forgot your aunt’s silver bag!
You might want to put your lipstick and phone in it!

Lucy in The Sky with Gold
What if you time-traveled to 1960s Djayakarta and saw the world in kaleidoscopic glasses? No need a time-machine for that!
Infuse psychedelic colors to marmalade color sleeveless top and Batik Colet Sarong in summer sky hues. Unlike Lucy who’s adorned in diamonds,
shine your look with gold bangles and earrings from Sumba and Timor!