Beauty and Batik: Beyond

We have done extended size since quite a while. However, we have never represented it the way it has to be. With many requests on seeing the variety of sizes,
we’re presenting you our extended size pieces that come in every collection. Glow beyond size and yes, beyond anybody else’s perspective!

Kain Panjang and Wrap Skirt

That’s what they say, the sky’s the limit. With Kain Panjang that spreads over 2 metres length, you could create any look from just one piece of cloth.
Hug your waist with a sarong, with ruffles on the side to give the delicate look. 

Wrap it around your body, let it slide from your back, then tie it on the front knot as the bottom piece – or sling it to one side,
and create your dream dress from just one long cloth!

For those of you who can’t bear to have any hassle, Neo Wrap Skirt is available up to XL or even more, as it comes with a ribbon that you can adjust!

Making pattern more down-to-earth

Batik could be intimidating; with its full pattern coming in super detailed drawings, wearing Batik would draw attention to you, if you think of it that way.
But, we have one trick to make it casual. No matter how vibrant the pattern, simply wear two-tone colors in your outfit!

This would help to make the look more down-to-earth!

Always, always, let it shine!!

Like what Lizzo said, “If I’m shining, everybody’s gonna shine!” Ain’t nobody to blame for your beauty – not even yourself.
Wear your favorite colors, be it purple, be it blue, be it green, be it tangerine orange, and go out there, shine and share your beautiful vibe to the world!