The Time We Shared (and the bond in between)

When two worlds meet, something new is born. The old world meets the new world.

The classic meets the modern. The wisdom meets the innovation. Like two sisters who complement one another, there are always two sides of the coin. However, something similar that is shared.

Just like ephemera, collectibles, or times, shared between two persons – girlfriends, sisters, and siblings, there’s a bond in between on anything that’s shared. With our sister brand Ethnologi, it’s our love of culture, our spirit to learn something new, and our respect of nature.


Seriously though, these days are made for relaxing and having the time to pick your clothes. Spend a good hour doing a simple make-up and picking the colors you’d match with each other. Warm green with some shades of brown? Two pairs of jumpsuits for both of you ‘cause you both love some more freedom and play-date? Yes, ma’am!

Easier way to pair these looks is to simply choose duo-tone colors that would work together – despite having different patterns! Talk about yin and yang!


Make a statement with your girls in the outfit that sparks a statement. It’s the kind of look you put together for a night out or simply for the cute lunch where you’d take selfies, eat foods you love, and dance the day away with a pair of suede sandals.



Want to level up your matchy – matchy game? Girl, we know you love some challenges! This time, one could pick a classic version and one could pick something that looks more down-to-earth and casual, then combine ‘em all together! Pair up some classic Sogan batik in elegant blue and brown shade with a bluish woven Lurik stripes. Another idea is to match a classic batik with contemporary lines. Go somewhere out there and serve the balanced energy for the world!