Main Kain: A Guide to Wear Kain Batik

Today, wearing Kain Batik is not just a matter of formality, but also a pride of being Indonesian. It’s wearing your heart on your sleeves, literally. With so many tutorials on the internet today, we are now exploring the colors of Batik, how diverse Batik is, and how to wear it as a daily fashion. Wearing Batik effortlessly and casually for running errands, working at home, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, or just simply for looking good and feeling good.

We’re not offering a tutorial here, but we offer you alternatives of

wearing one or even two Kain to style!

Kain Sarung

Perfect as a top or skirt, Kain Sarung has the sufficient length of under 2 metres. It’s not too long like Kain Panjang with lots of extra space nor too short to drape.

Drape Kain Sarung half-around you and take the tip of the other side of Sarung, then tie it so it makes a nice drape of Kain. To wear it as a top, simply fold it twice and drape it around your torso. Giving you the va-va-voom loo

Kain Panjang

Looking for an alternative for dress or jumpsuit? Kain Panjang can do both! The 2,5 metres length is perfect for Kain Panjang to be draped as a halter neck dress, tube-top jumpsuit, and even an asymmetrical dress. It gives you a goddess-like look in just one piece of fabric! Feeling bold and creative? Try to drape two Kain Panjang as a jumpsuit like what we do here!

Isn’t it amazing to wear multiple style of dresses from just one piece of fabric?

Tips: to avoid getting bored of one motif, go get yourself Kain Panjang Pagi Sore.
Coming in two motifs, you sure can rock it so many ways!

Kain Selendang

Often overlooked, Kain Selendang is a hidden gem! The length is pretty short, only 150cm. However, traditionally the use of Selendang is usually limited to shoulder scarves. This limited length is perfect as a top. Halter-top, tube-top, or cami-top, the sky is the limit!