On Repurposing Batik Offcuts

When it comes to our apparel; dresses, trousers, sarongs, or even wrap-skirts, designing is not just a matter of how they would fit and the silhouette, but it is also a big matter of pattern making.

As a batik brand, making apparel is not something easy. Both batik tulis, stamped, or printed – how we cut each part of the fabric is important as it would define how the prints meet on the surface and it would also define the following products of these pieces.

Before we start the production of each series, our creative team (from an archiver who knows a lot about the motif and the history, creative director, fashion designer, and accessories designer) will work together to discuss the batik motif, the pattern, and what we could do to minimize the fabric offcuts.

These repurposing of our fabric offcuts give rebirth to new goodies! From bracelets, earrings, pouches, bags, dolls, and even dining ware – we are committed to use every part of our fabrics to you. From the tumpal of the batik, the head, the body, and the pinggiran (the edge) of our batik fabrics.

The answer is: Yes, it is possible! However, it takes time to design and produce them. We do still have some offcuts left even after we produce those accessories and we keep them in our storage organizer to keep track of these and to use them in the future.

By repurposing these offcuts fabric from batik, we are able to honor the fabric once again and carefully see the fabric from every element; the material, the motifs, every part of batik sarong or kain panjang, and the possibility to create another life using the same fabric; patched or unpatched.

Most of these goodies could be found in our oleh-oleh section at our stores, but now, since you could visit our stores online, they’re archived under our Accessories section!