The Changing Colours of The Moon

A jewel collection that translates warmth and courage, Orange Moon is the bold feeling revolving in many faces of women.
But thus, the love has never changed.
With beads ranging from ceramic, silver, antique, and fine beads, the collection intends to become a reflection of you.

Brighter than before, brighter than ever before.
She shines her charm and love
She, reflected the warmth that her feet steps on
She, reflected the courage from the land where she dances, marches, and sings
She, reflected the love, passing it through the wind, the birds, and the stardust for other girls

Orange Moon is a tale of love, of tripping up side down when you’re swinging to the music in the wind, of thinking you’re following your heart and it takes you to places you wished you didn’t wish for, of trusting the darkness, the star, and the little bang, big bang you’re feeling inside.

Of dreams, of mistakes, of false hopes…

interpreted into bits of beads, gleams of silver, gold, and colors, all iridescent, opal, vivid – all the true colors of you.